Project Description

Project Scope:

Construction included adding peak flow bypass to existing aerated lagoon cell; Headworks Building; dual mechanical fine screening with manual bypass screening; dual screening ram press with washing; grit removal with classifier and grit pump; Influent Lift Station with five (5) pumps (3 new pumps and 2 relocated); two aeration basins with D.O. probe control of aeration; two clarifiers; Control Building; gravity WAS; UV disinfection; step re-aeration; two aerobic digesters; dual pump digester supernatant pump station; dewatered sludge storage pre-engineered building; dual sludge loading pumps; sludge dewatering equipment; duel pump dewatered filtrate pump station; dual pump non-potable water system; relocating existing generator; relocating miscellaneous yard piping; including purchase, installation, and warranty of all equipment and all required electrical, controls, mechanical, earthwork and all work necessary for a complete operational wastewater treatment facility in accordance with the detailed plans and specifications.