Not Just a Client, a Relationship

"Our proposed water treatment facility was way over budget and was going to be seriously compromised. [David E.] Ross Construction value engineered the project and proposed innovative changes that reduced the construction costs while maintaining the design intent and capacity of the plant." - Mike Kalis, HDR Archer

David E. Ross Construction brings to each client a depth and breadth of experience that goes well beyond notable engineering and construction capabilities. Our experience in restoring historically significant structures, in installing high-tech navigational systems facilities at airports, and creating safe infrastructure in hospital linear accelerator installations while radiation oncology departments remained in operation have taught us to be sensitive to not only the details of the project, but how our work affects human activity around us.

We take pride in doing work of high quality — partially for the intrinsic value of "doing a job well done", but ultimately for the knowledge that through our work, human life was made easier, better or more comfortable. Clients seem to appreciate the work we do and the value we bring to their projects — 80% of our work is for repeat customers.